French International School has for vocation the promotion of the language and the French culture.

Institution specialized in the teaching French, French International School (EIF) accompanies you and assists you about is your need, which you lived in France as wherever on our planet.

She proposes formations and private lessons, any levels and every public, according to the New Pedagogies Active based on a personalized program and the Practice, by Internet (virtuals classes)

– French courses for french speakers
– Formations in French as a foreign language for no french-speaking : Level A1 to C2
– Specialist Formations for All


That you are one Private individuals (schooled, student, professional or in job search), OR a company worried of developing the language skills of your employees, the E-I-F proposes you a solution to help you to reach your goals.
Express your needs, we find a solution!

Thanks to our Personalized Trainings (Custom-made and\or additional) with a native professor – Individual or in team : current particular and\or collective, according to your initial level – according to your availability, precise objectives and a program adapted, enriched by an individual pedagogy – by means of innovative tools.

French-speakers and non French-speakings
Companies, Training institutions
Professionals or Private individuals, Employees or Job-seekers,
Tourists, Pupils or Students

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